Effective 12/1/2023

Introduction to the OBEASY Affiliate Program Welcome to the OBEASY Affiliate Program. Our program is designed to reward our partners for promoting and referring customers to our products and services.

This document outlines the terms of our affiliate program, emphasizing its legality, transparency, and distinction from multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes.

Program Structure

  • First Tier: Earn up to 20% commission on direct sales.
  • Lifetime Cookies: Ensures long-term earning potential from referred customers.

Clear Distinction from MLM

  • Our program is based solely on sales, with no emphasis on recruitment.
  • There are no multi-level commission structures or recruitment bonuses.
  • The program is designed for sales growth, not network expansion.

Legal Compliance & Transparency

  • We adhere to all legal standards governing affiliate marketing.
  • Our program is transparent, with clear terms and straightforward commission structures.

FTC Compliance

  • We comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for affiliate marketing.
  • All affiliates are required to disclose their affiliate relationship with OBEASY when promoting our products and services.

Comparison with Established Affiliate Programs

Payment Terms

  • Commissions are paid monthly, with a minimum payout threshold.
  • Payment methods include bank transfer and PayPal.

Anti-MLM Assurance

  • Our program focuses on product sales, not recruitment, ensuring no confusion with MLM models.
  • We emphasize ethical marketing practices and realistic earning potential.

Shopify Merchant Services Compliance

  • Our program aligns with Shopify’s standards for affiliate marketing.
  • We ensure operational practices that are transparent, sales-focused, and compliant with Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy.

For Network Marketing Agents

  • This program is not competitive with network marketing contracts.
  • It offers a straightforward, sales-driven opportunity, distinct from MLM structures.

Affiliate Responsibilities

  • Affiliates must adhere to our program terms and conduct ethical promotion.
  • Accurate representation of the earning potential and program structure is required.

Program Changes and Updates

  • We reserve the right to modify the program terms.
  • Affiliates will be notified of any changes to ensure ongoing compliance and transparency.

Contact and Support

  • For any queries or further information, affiliates can contact our dedicated support team.


This comprehensive document is designed to meet the highest standards of compliance and clarity, distinguishing our affiliate program from MLM schemes, and aligning with the expectations of Shopify merchant services and network marketing agents. Our commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and legal compliance ensures a trustworthy and sustainable affiliate program for all participants.