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OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System

OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System

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Introducing the OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System

Imagine an AI-Powered Online Business System that tirelessly works for you, 24/7, 365 days a year, uploading captivating video content daily across social media channels, generating new leads, customers, and online sales for you.

Then, combine this system with our AI-Powered text generators, which provide you with opening, closing, rebuttal, and overcoming objection scripts tailored to your conversations to increase your online sales conversions.

Welcome to the OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System, an innovative platform that automatically posts new, engaging videos across all your social media channels every single day of the year. This system is designed to boost your online sales, and if you don't have any products to sell, we've got you covered with our affiliate program.

Overcoming Past Failures

If you've struggled to make an online business work in the past, it was likely due to not posting fresh content on your social media channels daily. You may have contemplated starting social media channels but didn't know where to begin. Perhaps the realization that you wouldn't have the time to post content regularly, or uncertainty about what to post, led you to bypass numerous platforms where online sales could have flourished for you.

But now, our OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System addresses your fresh content needs, transforming you into a daily content posting powerhouse online to attract new viewers, leads, and sales.

Another common challenge in building an online business is knowing "What to say, when to say it, and how to say it" during outreach and conversations with potential customers about your offerings. Many training platforms and online business solutions expect you to become an expert salesperson overnight.

We understand that instant expertise is unrealistic and that mastery takes time. However, with our AI-Powered solutions, we've eliminated the steep learning curve by offering our OBEASY™️ AI Genie text generators. These tools provide you with proven scripts for opening remarks, closing statements, rebuttals, and overcoming objections, enabling you to excel in your online conversations without fear of saying the wrong words to your prospects.

No Selling Skills Required with Our AI Genie Text Generators

With our AI text generators, you don't need any prior selling skills because they equip you with all the essential scripts for opening statements, closing arguments, rebuttals, and overcoming objections. This technology enables you to effortlessly and automatically address any inquiries your prospects might have about your offers, much like how we're addressing potential objections in this message.

Access to 100K Weekly Private Masterminds

As a valued member of the OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System, you gain immediate access to our exclusive weekly private mastermind sessions and comprehensive courses, each designed to help you reach the 100K online business milestone.

These resources are meticulously designed to guide you towards earning your first 100K online. Additionally, you have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs globally, actively pursuing enriched life pathways, just like you.

Getting Started with OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System

Step 1: Connect Your Social Media Accounts

  • After initiating your journey with the OBEASY Pro Level of our OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System, you'll unlock the OBEASY™ Autoposting Setup, Service & Syndication Area to start and learn how to connect your accounts with ease.

  • Accounts include Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok
  • No extra cost for each account.
  • If you don't have some of these accounts yet, you'll receive step-by-step guidance on how to set them up.
  • Remember, the more accounts you have, the more chances to attract new prospects and convert them into lifetime commission-producing customers.

Step 2: Automate & Engage

  • Embrace the freedom of letting go, as our OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System takes over the daily grind of posting fresh new content for you.

  • We'll be sharing engaging digital video magnets on your behalf to your chosen social media platforms, attracting friends, followers, leads, and future customers to you, effortlessly.

  • We'll show you how to engage with viewers drawn to the daily captivating videos posted on your social media platforms.

  • You will use our OBEASY AI text generators to begin building relationships with your prospects.

  • Follow simple 60-minute per day outreach strategies to supercharge your potential earnings.

  • Add the prospects we show you to your accounts, they'll receive a notification that you followed them, and they'll check out your social media accounts filled with engaging videos.

Step 3: Earn From Prospects On Your Offers or Use Our Affiliate Program If You Don't Have Any Offers.

  • Earn unlimited lifetime earnings from every single customer that you and your personally referred customers send our way.
  • The system is designed to bring you $1,000 or more per year on every single customer you refer.

If You Have Nothing To Sell, Then You Can Join Forces With Us Here At OBEASY and Become an Affiliate of Our Marketplace of Product Offerings Giving You A TurnKey AI-Powered Online Business Platform.

OBEASY™️ Affiliate Program Earnings Potential

We give you 20% commissions on our physical products and 40% commissions on our digital products here at OBEASY Marketplace.

With our OBEASY Affiliate Program, your earning potential is limitless. Here is a breakdown of your earning potential:

40% Commissions for Digital Products. 

We Will Use the OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System as Your Example.

When You Refer 1 OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System Customer:

  • Upfront commission: $400/person on their setup fee
  • Residual commissions: $40/month on their monthly fee
  • Annual earnings: Up to $880 In Commissions Per Customer

20% Commissions For OBEASY™️ Marketplace

When You Refer 1 OBEASY™️ Marketplace Customer That Spends Just $1,000 On Our Physical Products.

  • Upfront commission: $200/person on physical product purchases.
  • Residual commissions: Unlimited 20% commissions per person on all of their physcial products they ever purchase from us for life.

If you took an average earnings for 1 person referred per month at $1,000 in commissions per year, then here is your commissions earnings math that gives you an idea of your potential for earnings.

  • 1 customer per month: $12,000 per year
  • 2 customers per month: $24,000 per year
  • 3 customers per month: $36,000 per year
  • 4 customers per month: $48,000 per year
  • 5 customers per month: $60,000 per year
  • 10 customers per month: $120,000 per year

OBEASY™️ Affiliate Program Disclaimer:

Earnings and income representations made by the OBEASY™️ Affiliate Program are aspirational statements only and should not be considered as guarantees or promises of actual earnings. Affiliate success and income levels vary significantly depending on individual effort, business experience, expertise, and level of commitment. This program is not a get-rich-quick scheme, MLM, network marketing opportunity, pyramid scheme, or similar model. Participation requires understanding and compliance with our terms and conditions. All affiliates are responsible for adhering to applicable laws and regulations.

We Follow Up With Your Leads Though Broadcast Emails

  • Follow Up & Broadcast Emails: We follow up and email broadcast your leads with new offers, products, and services, just like Amazon does.
  • Continued Commissions: We continue to pay you a 20% commission on physical products and a 40% commission on digital products.
  • Time Saving: We save you time by doing the follow up for you and help convert more of your leads into long-term commission-producing customers.
  • Automatic Process: The entire process is automated for your convenience.

Understanding The Unparalleled Value Proposition

  1. The OBEASY™ AI-Powered Online Business System (250,000+/year): Provides automated AI marketing capabilities. It performs daily video posts on your social media accounts, engages prospects, and leads you to new customer sign-ups, resulting in online sales for you.

  2. OBEASY™ Marketplace Development (1,000,000+/year): Access to the OBEASY™ Marketplace which is a state-of-the-art platform like Amazon, without any associated development costs. That is filled with premium daily vitamins, health supplements, coffees, recovery creams, haircare, personal beauty, anti-aging, clothing, hats, jewelry, daily accessories, and more to earn unlimited 20% physical and 40% digital lifetime commissions on every shopping cart total your referred customers purchase from us.

  3. OBEASY™ Hosting & Security ($50,000+/year): Benefit from premium, high-speed hosting and ironclad security, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

  4. OBEASY™ Product Relationships & Inventory ($250,000+/year): Leverage established relationships with top-tier suppliers and brands, providing products for your referrals to purchase from our marketplace.

  5. OBEASY™ Content Creation & Management, Video Production ($100,000+/month): Engage with and use professionally produced sales videos, training materials, and benefit from a continuous stream of high-quality, engaging content tailored for various platforms and campaigns.

  6. OBEASY™ Support Desk Setup ($25,000+/year): Enjoy the reassurance of a professional support desk, managing customer inquiries and maintaining satisfaction.

  7. OBEASY™ 100K Masterminds Training & Community Building:
    • Weekly Masterminds (Priceless, As Most Founders Rarely Do This):
    • Gain exclusive access to 100k weekly masterminds with the founder, providing insights, marketing strategies, and real-world advice to help you achieve 100k or more online with ease, speed and pleasure.

    • Course Creation & Hosting ($100,000+/year): Dive into a comprehensive library of wealth courses and educational content, constantly updated and expanded.

    • Community Building: (Invaluable): Join an exclusive community of ambitious entrepreneurs, similar to yourself. This is an invaluable opportunity for networking, collaboration, and fostering joint ventures.

  8. AI Content Suite ($100,000+/year): Benefit from the AI Content Suite valued at $100,000+, offering an extensive selection of AI-driven tools for all aspects of online business, including copywriting, advertising, SEO, and video creation.

  9. AI Script Generators (100,000+/year) providing cutting-edge AI tools for content creation, customer interaction, and business automation, including opening, closing, rebuttal, and overcoming objections scripts.

  10. Affiliate Software & Tracking ($100,000+/year): Utilize robust affiliate tracking and management software, ensuring accurate reporting and timely payments.

Total Estimated Value: $2,975,000+

Overcoming Your Past Online Business Failures with OBEASY AI-Powered Online Business System

  • Engaging Content: Lack of fresh, engaging content is a key reason for online business failures. Successful online businesses consistently post new content or invest heavily in paid advertising.
  • OBEASY Solution: The OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business System provides a solution for those who lack the time to create content or manage paid advertising, especially those trying to escape the 9-5 grind.
  • Communication Challenges: Another common failure in online business is not knowing how to effectively communicate offers to potential customers online.
  • AI Genie Text Generators: The AI Genie Text Generators, part of the OBEASY system, solve this problem by providing effective communication scripts, ensuring you never struggle with what to say to get people to click your links and view your offers.
  • Adaptable System: The OBEASY™️ AI-Powered Online Business  System is essential for anyone online who wants to make sales online whether it be your offers or ours.

As An Affiliate of OBEASY™️ You Can Attract Just Three of 5 Billion Online Users and You're Already in Profit with Our AI-Powered Online Business System.

With just three sales, you're already in profit with our OBEASY Pro Level. For each sale, you earn a one-time setup fee of $400 and a recurring maintenance fee of $40 per month.

Given the vast online population of 5 billion, attracting just three individuals to this unique AI-Powered Online Business System is a simple and achievable goal. 

Not to mention you could attract one person and they purchase thousands of dollars in items from our marketplace and you could earn it all back on just one person alone.

If You Don't Have the $997 to Get Started, You Can Join the OBEASY Apprentice Program for only $97/month Limited Time to Kickstart Your Online Business Journey.

Experience the power of a turnkey online business without the upfront cost with our OBEASY Apprentice Program. This program is specifically designed for those who aren't ready for the full $997 OBEASY Pro Level membership but still wish to start their journey to online success.

What Does the Apprentice Program Offer?

  • Affordable Entry: Skip the $997 one-time setup fee and start with just a $97 monthly fee.
  • Digital Marketing Library Access: You'll gain access to our extensive digital marketing content that you can manually upload and post to your social platforms.
  • Potential to Upgrade: As an OBEASY Apprentice, earn 50% of your affiliate commissions. Use these earnings to upgrade to the automated OBEASY Pro when you're ready.

What Are the Limitations?

  • No Automated Posting: You won't have access to our automated social media poster, but you'll be able to manually post our engaging content.
  • Reduced Commissions: You will earn half of the commissions generated in your affiliate back office. For instance, if you earn $1,000 in affiliate commissions, you will receive $500.

Why Choose the Apprentice Program?

  • Times are Tough: We understand the current economic climate might be challenging, and we believe everyone should have a chance to succeed.
  • Embrace AI: AI is transforming the world, and it's time to partner with it rather than compete against it.
  • Get Started Now: You will receive our training and digital marketing videos for daily posting, helping you generate unlimited leads online on any social media platform.

A Personal Message From Vincent Ortega Jr, the Founder of OBEASY?

Who am I and why should you trust me? It's simple. My name is Vincent Ortega Jr., and I've had it all: every car, home, piece of clothing, child, relationship, and vacation you could ever ask for, all by the age of 40. I've created and served over 250,000 customers in over 150 countries around the world with my online marketing systems, generating well over 100 million in sales across all of these platforms. My affiliates and I have paid out tens of millions of dollars in sales commissions to people just like you.

OBEASY is the all-in-one platform I've dreamed of building since I was a 12-year-old child. This dream was inspired by the computer gifted to me by my parents, as shown in this picture. It was then that I saw my friends living in poverty and realized the endless opportunities this computer could provide. I believed I could create something that could benefit everyone around me. This determination was instilled in me by both my mother and father. I started in a 1,000 square foot home that cost only $10,000. After college, I left that home for a million-dollar mansion. My mother, Gillian Ortega, grew a 60 million dollar direct sales business as a retired national emeritus of Mary Kay, changing the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide. My father, Vince Ortega Senior, became the second in command as a retired deputy chief of Kansas City, home of the Super Bowl champion Chiefs. He is now a Combat Director of Jackson County, managing hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fight violence and crime off the streets with his initiatives.

My wife, Asia Love, is in charge of the automated social media poster and is a partner in this company. She has achieved over 100 million in real estate sales and knew that her calling was to help people achieve financial freedom with our automated online business system, which we created together for you.

We also have a beautiful baby boy named Vince, the third Vince in our family. His birth was an unexpected home birth, a story that still amazes us. I am grateful for the ease with which I managed to help with his birth. We were so relaxed that we waited for two hours before going to the hospital.

The ride to the hospital was even more amusing when I FaceTimed my parents. They asked, "How's the baby doing? Do you think he's coming soon?" I showed them baby Vince's face, and they were both surprised and amused by the unexpected turn of events.

We are grooming baby Vince to take over this business for your children because you can pass on your affiliate accounts to your loved ones. We designed this as a lifetime legacy wealth system. I also have three other beautiful children with my ex, and Asia has two with hers.

So, we're truly building this system to provide everyone with a platform. What initially motivated me to pursue this dream over two decades ago was the job I had, cleaning around the trash can you see me standing in front of in this interview. It was piled with trash that had been there for two years.

The smell was so bad, filled with maggots and spiders, that I was throwing up. I came home that night knowing I would never go back. From cleaning trash to owning the Bentley you see in this video, I've achieved the life of my dreams because I wanted it badly enough, just like you do today.

The sole purpose of creating this automated online business system is to provide you with a pathway to achieve the financial freedom you desire. It allows you to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. This system is designed to offer everyone a lifetime of financial freedom by providing a powerful turnkey online business system that anyone can succeed with.

Up until this point, all of my past systems have been stepping stones to this legacy wealth platform. Our mission is to provide you with the best health products, clothing, daily essentials, AI tools, proven wealth courses, and weekly masterminds to enhance your health, build more wealth, and establish successful online businesses.

Most importantly, create a legacy income pathway for your loved ones to inherit when it's your time to pass on the torch. Lastly, OBEASY stands for making online business easier for everyone. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty, after over two decades of being online, that our automated online business system and marketplace don't exist anywhere else.

There is no other platform where you get all of the daily content posted for you on your social media channels to attract more viewers, leads, and commission-producing customers. My gift has always been training people for online success. I provide you with the digital marketing videos and pictures to post on your social media channels with copy-and-paste scripts, but the only people who never really had the success that I wanted for them were always the ones who just didn't have time to do the daily posting content.

Now that I know that your engaging content is being posted for you daily, I am confident that there is no way for you to fail if you stick with the plan and do the simple engaging work that it takes to supercharge your success. All you have to do is trust in the proven blueprint that has been built for you, along with the automated online business system and marketplace.

Don't procrastinate. Get started as an OBEASY Pro member today, and you will have everything you need posted for you on a daily basis to build your successful online business foundation. Just know if you're going to create anything like this platform, you would have to pay millions of dollars to even get something like this started.

Not to mention, it would take several years for it to get ready. The beauty is that it's ready to start producing online income in your life. The minute you pull out your credit card and get started for pennies on the dollar in comparison to what I have paid in time, sweat, and tears. Most importantly, money to put this together for you.

So, I just want to say welcome, my new OBEASY Pro, to a brand new life, a brand new reality, and a brand new pathway that will get you out of bed every single day with excitement to know that financial freedom is now possible for your life. I am looking forward to seeing you inside of the OBEASY Pro members area, and I'm looking forward to watching your digital presence grow online. Most importantly, I'm looking forward to sending you lifetime commissions every single Monday on our Monday paydays that we have every single week from the commissions that you earn.

So, get started today on your pathway to financial freedom, and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside. Thank you for your time.

Founder & CEO - Vincent Ortega Jr.


      Introducing the OBEASY™️ Review Generator: Simplifying Positive Feedback
      Introducing the OBEASY™️ Review Generator: Simplifying Positive Feedback

      Introducing the OBEASY™️ Review Generator: Simplifying Positive Feedback

      Affiliate Marketing: A Lucrative Side Hustle to Boost Your Income
      Affiliate Marketing: A Lucrative Side Hustle to Boost Your Income

      Affiliate Marketing: A Lucrative Side Hustle to Boost Your Income

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      How AI Tools and Technology Can Improve Your Business Not Hurt It Like So Many Believe!

      How AI Tools and Technology Can Improve Your Business Not Hurt It Like So Many Believe!

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      Step-by-Step Guide: Creating, Using, and Scanning QR Codes for Effective Affiliate Marketing

      Meet the Unstoppable ChatGPT AI Bot: "I bet you can't stop using me!"
      Meet the Unstoppable ChatGPT AI Bot: "I bet you can't stop using me!"

      Meet the Unstoppable ChatGPT AI Bot: "I bet you can't stop using me!"

      Introducing Asia AI – Your Ultimate Business Partner and Assistant
      Introducing Asia Ai – Your Ultimate Business Partner and Assistant

      Introducing Asia AI – Your Ultimate Business Partner and Assistant